Barmouth promenade December 2015

Hello folks. Thank you for landing at

This website (as of winter 2015/16) is very much work in progress. However, I thought I would load up my work so far and see which articles are popular and invite any feedback.

In case it isn't clear, and just to clarify, I am an AMATEUR. I'm not a web designer or developer, historian or expert. I am certainly not a photographer or videographer.

My main qualification is that I live in Barmouth and I have the tech (a camera, a laptop and an internet connection), a desire to learn how to get it working and the time to try it out.

My 'idea' of a town website did not arrive in a flash of inspiration. It was more of a foggy aspiration that developed into a murky idea over the course of 15 years.

So, bear with my with whilst my idea takes shape and I add content. You are, of course, welcome to contact me with constructive ideas or advice.

Many thanks,


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